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 Vision and Reading

Vision is the prerequisite for reading and our primary source for gathering information for learning. Poor vision skills lead to poor reading skills. Studies show that deficiencies in binocular vision, accommodation, oculomotor control, visual information processing and/or visual integrative abilities can lead to a significant handicap in learning abilities.

At CAH Vision, we diagnose and treat visual dysfunctions that lead to poor reading and learning abilities. When our patients learn how to better control their visual system with more efficiency, they improve in reading and learning abilities as well.

The following questions are designed to help you determine whether or not you or your child may have a vision dysfunction that is affecting their ability to read and learn. If your answer is yes, please call our office to set up an evaluation.

There are behavioral signs

  • Closes or covers an eye
  • Turns or tilts head to use one eye
  • Headaches
  • Rubs eyes frequently
  • Squints or blinks excessively
  • Moves head rather than eyes when reading
  • Works very close to the page

Reading skills

  • Omits or confuses small words in reading
  • Reverses letters or numbers after first grade
  • Loses place or uses finger to keep place
  • Subvocalizes or whispers to self while reading
  • Reports print moving or double vision
  • Reports intermittent blur

Learning and Attention Span issues

  • Avoids close work
  • Performs below potential
  • Homework takes too long
  • Has short attention span to visual tasks, quickly bored or daydreams
  • Tires easily while reading
  • Struggles with left and right concepts

Body Coordination

  • Described as clumsy, poor balance
  • Poor eye hand coordination
  • Awkward with fine and large motor skills
  • Struggles with team sports even if well-coordinated

Video courtesy of The VisionHelp Group (Used by permission)

Dr. Vicky Vandervort | TEDxLincoln  (Used by permission)